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Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

cmd-space: Spotlight Search Field
alt-cmd-space: Search in Finder
cmd-tab: Switch applications
ctrl-cmd-D: Define word that pointer is over
alt-esc: Suggest auto-completions for word
ctrl-eject: The dialogue box asking to sleep (S), shutdown (enter), restart (R), or cancel (esc) appears.
ctrl-command-eject: Quits all applications and restarts the computer
ctrl-option-command-eject: Quits all applications and restarts the computer
command-option-eject: The computer is put to sleep
shift-ctrl-eject: The displays are put to sleep
fn-left/right: Equivalent to home/end keys
fn-up/down: Page up, page down
command-tab: Switch application
ctrl-arrows: Switch between desktop spaces
ctrl-arrows while clicking on an application: Move application to another space
option-cmd-esc: Open Force Quit dialogue box

cmd-I: Get Info on a file

cmd-1,2,3,4,5...: Opens links in Bookmarks Bar
cmd-alt-1: Show top sites
ctrl-tab: Advance through tabs
ctrl-shift-tab: Backwards through tabs
cmd-+/-: zoom in and out

cmd-N: New message
cmd-alt-1: Show top sites
shift-cmd-D: Send message
shift-cmd-T: Make message plain text
alt-cmd-N: New message viewer window

Custom Functions (Applescripts bound via Butler)
ctrl-shift-N: New message from anywhere
tell application "Mail"
set theSubject to ""
set theContent to return & ""
set theSignature to signature "Signature1"

tell (make new outgoing message)
set visible to true
set subject to theSubject
set content to theContent
set message signature to theSignature
end tell
end tell