This is my archive of information on using R to analyze social data. Yes, STATA is way easier and more convenient, but R produces such pretty graphs!

Building an R-friendly Environment on your Mac or PC - All for free.
Get Emacs (the best text editor around) to edit R program files, LaTeX files, BibTeX files, text files, etc., and run R natively
You need a version of Emacs with ESS (Emacs Speaks Statistics) in order to run R within Emacs
Windows: Use Vince Goulet's bundled version of Emacs, ESS, and TeX from here.
Mac: Aquamacs is the version I use, it supports native OS X commands, which is nice, until you go to use Emacs on a PC or Unix machine!

A list of commonly (and not so commonly) used R functions
This is my go-to list of functions that I use often in R, plus a whole host of functions I wish I had known about earlier.

Yes, it is possible to manage in R, but it is a very different process than in other statistical programs.

This is a page that details all the standard stuff about creating simple statistics on data

Weighted and clustered surveys pose important challenges for the analysis of data.

Some of my own functions in R.

Emacs (my preferred editor for R):