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Christian Leadership Fresno Pacific University
This was an undergraduate introduction to Christian leadership, co-taught with Ray Bystrom. It attempts to help students wrestle with the implications of Christian theology for how they lead in business, community, and the church. Henri Nouwen's In the Name of Jesus is the central text; along with several case studies drawn from the various spheres of business and time periods. The course had 35 students enrolled.
Bible Survey I + II - Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary
The goal of this course was to give students a basic understanding of the content of the bible, as well as a historical and thematic framework within which to situate the biblical material. It was a required course of students entering all Master's programs. I taught it twice, with 8 students registered in each session.
Cross Purposes - Christian Community College, Carey Theological Seminary
Throughout the history of the church, she has wrestled with many difficult and seemingly paradoxical ideas such as “How can one God be Father, Son and Holy Spirit?” or “How can Christ be human and also divinely exalted?” This course examined another of these seeming paradoxes: “How can God be both lover and judge? Or in other words: “How do we deal with God’s justice and anger in light of God’s love?” While this theme is important throughout the Bible, nowhere in the Bible is this issue more clearly embodied than by Jesus and his work on the cross. I taught this course to 7 credit and 8 audit students.